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The 5 Things to Consider if You are Thinking of Converting Your Traditional Lock and Key Entry to a Card Entry System at Your Business

The 5 Things to Consider if You are Thinking of Converting Your Traditional Lock and Key Entry to a Card Entry System at Your Business

the-5-things-to-consider-if-you-are-thinking-of-converting-your-traditional-lock-and-key-entry-to-a-card-entry-system-at-your-businessThere are various locks available for businesses, from a traditional lock and key entry to a card entry system, and many business owners look to upgrade their systems for increased security. You can easily upgrade mechanical locks into something more robust, while many prefer to upgrade the system completely by switching to an electrical system.

Here are five things to consider if you are thinking of converting from lock and key to a card entry system at your business:

1. Convenience

One of the biggest reasons to switch to a card entry system is convenience. For the most part, using a single set of electronic cards is far more convenient compared to cutting and distributing a range of keys to employees.

Not needing to carry a set of different keys is very convenient, as card systems only require a single card to gain access throughout the premises. However, there are instances when a card can be quite inconvenient.

For instance, if the swiping motion needs to be very precise, it can take a few tries to get right, potentially wasting valuable time for anyone working.

2. Reliability

There are instances when a lock and key system is a much more reliable option than a card system. For example, if there is ever an error with the system or you aren’t used to using the card, you could easily end up locked out by mistake.

It’s hard to prepare for issues with a card system and it could end up wasting valuable time. With a lock and key system, there is no digital system to work about so you can’t really be inconvenienced by it.

3. Loss of Keys

Losing keys is never a good thing for a business, but it tends to be easier to deal with when using a card system. When a card is lost, you can simply deactivate that specific card, which is a lot easier than switching out the mechanical locks due to a possible security breach from lost keys.

4. Cost

The cost of upgrading to a key card system cannot be overlooked – it’s quite a large investment that you need to be fully aware of. Yes, there are advantages of upgrading from lock and key to card systems, but this should never be at the expense of financial security.
If you cannot afford to convert your systems, don’t be tempted to do so until you are sure the money is there to pay for it.

5. Controlled Access

A big benefit of card systems is controlling access. You can provide controlled access to specific employees, ensuring people only have access to places you want. Compared to dishing out separate sets of keys depending on the access wanted, a card system is much easier to deal with.
You can also see who comes and goes using the card. Each employee is identifiable by their card, so you will always know what personal entered what room at any given time. It’s great for increased security and avoiding internal issues such as theft.

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