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4 Ways To Maximize Usage Of A CCTV Video Monitoring System At Your Home

4 Ways To Maximize Usage Of A CCTV Video Monitoring System At Your Home

4-ways-to-maximize-usage-of-a-cctv-video-monitoring-system-at-your-homeThere are many obvious benefits of installing a CCTV system at your home. You get the peace of mind knowing that there is a live feed of your home, which can be invaluable in the event of a break-in, while the presence of cameras is one of the best deterrents a home can have.
However, when people get a new CCTV system installed, they don’t tend to do much more, with most of the work now complete. Yet there are ways to maximize the use of your CCTV system, giving you even more value for money.
Check out these four ways to maximize usage of a CCTV video monitoring system at your home:

1. Keep Cameras Clean

Maintenance is an often-overlooked aspect of CCTV ownership. Dirt and dust may reduce the visibility of your cameras, significantly reducing their efficiency. Not only may this ruin the video feed of the camera but could be the encouragement for intruders that may think you aren’t taking home security as seriously as you should.
The last thing you want is for there to be a break-in and for the cameras to not be able to identify any of the culprits – keep camera lenses clean to get maximum use from them.

2. Combine Cameras with Sensor Lights

Sensor lights greatly increase the efficiency of a CCTV system. By combing a sensor light with the camera, you get a better chance of seeing someone on the camera, whether it’s outside or inside. Not only does this help to better identify people on the camera but works as a nice deterrent for anyone that sees the camera and light combo.

3. Use the Right Time and Date

In the worst-case scenario where your home is broken into, your CCTV becomes an invaluable tool for getting justice. However, this can only be used when the correct time and date is marked on the camera, so always ensure you have the correct time and date settings after installing the system.

There are various reasons why the time and date may be incorrect, and it can happen after you’ve had the system installed, so always be sure to check this and make changes if the time and date are incorrect.

4. Be Mindful of Placement

Camera placement can make or break the CCTV system, so make sure you place it somewhere appropriate and are aware of unsuitable locations. For instance, you should never have a camera facing glass, as the reflection makes the video feed unviewable, unless you use infrared at night.

The same issues can occur from bright spots, so avoid white walls and sunny spots indoors, as it could interfere with the auto-exposure. Always place cameras in the obvious areas, such as entrances and exits, and be mindful of any obstructions that may reduce their effectiveness.

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